Industrial Heating Systems

At Abercorn Heating, we specialise in; factory heating, warehouse heating and all types of service and installations for warm air heating systems. When it comes to factory heating installation, our customers know where to go for expert professional servicing provided by experienced industrial heating engineers and backed by an excellent guarantee.

Heating Servicing and Maintenance

Needless to say, periodic maintenance and servicing are items that every industrial heating system will require. Adhering to a strict service schedule will ensure that, for example, a heating system will remain in top shape while avoiding premature wear. Additionally, by performing regular industrial heating maintenance, the chances are much greater that you’ll notice any potential problems that need attention before they can escalate into future expensive repairs. At Abercorn Heating, we can help you set up your maintenance schedule, so you won’t have to keep track of these things yourself.

Warm Air Heating Systems

On the average, warm air heating is one of the most popular and commonly found types of industrial heating in the UK. This form of heating is provided by warm air heaters in the form of either suspended unit heaters or floor standing cabinet heaters. The high level of efficiency can be attributed to the way that the actual heating designs are well suited to most industrial building configurations. Warm air heater types are found in the following heater designs:

Suspended Unit Heaters

These warm air heaters can be positioned on an inside flat roof or suspended from the factory roof. Abercorn Heating can provide your organisation the following suspended unit heater advantages:
  • ECA qualifying controls
  • Centrifugal fan – for ducted applications
  • Roof penetration eliminated by horizontal flue
  • Maximize production floor space
  • Highest quality heaters  are provided by Reznor, Benson Heating and Powrmatic

Floor Standing Cabinets

These will be positioned on the floor and possess larger outputs than equivalent suspended unit heaters. This is a most quick and efficient way of heating an industrial area. Abercorn Heating can provide the following floor standing cabinet heating benefits:
  • Ducted or free blowing applications
  • ECA qualifying controls
  • Availability in weatherproof versions
  • Horizontal stainless flues option
  • Highest quality heaters  are provided by Reznor, Benson Heating and Powrmatic

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