Warm Air Heating Units

In the UK, one of the most popular types of industrial heating, commonly found, consists of warm air heating units.

Warm air heating systems can be used for factories, warehouses or other industrial buildings and use either oil or gas for their source of power. They are considered to be an excellent solution when it comes to heating a large open space and are the most cost-effective means of doing so.

This type of system can also be used in the home, as well. The source of the heat, that is generated, comes from warm air heating units that take the form of either floor-standing cabinet heaters or suspended unit heaters. The exceptional level of efficiency obtained can be attributed to fact that this type of heating system was originally designed to accommodate the way that industrial buildings are actually configured. The advantage is that the placement of these units can be done in a strategic manner. This means that costs can be kept down due to the fact that only the exact number of needed units can be purchased.

Floor Standing Heating Warm Air Heating Units

As the name implies, free standing heating units, are individual units that generate heat where it is needed, as opposed to a centralised system. Free standing heating units can use different types of fuel, such as gas or oil. One advantage to these types of units is that they can be purchased in different styles that will heat via a free-blowing or ducted application.

The heat is easily modulated and will allow considerable savings when it comes to heating bills.
The industrial units are exceptionally sturdy and can be obtained in weatherproof models, as well. The temperature is maintained and controlled through the use of a thermostat that can be set at the desired room temperature. The forced heat, that is generated, will travel through ducts that deliver the warm air to individual room vents, installed  either on the ceiling or the floor.   Please view our selection of floor standing units :-
  • Reznor High Efficiency
  • Reznor Standard Efficiency
  • Benson Oil and Gas Fired Cabinet Heaters
  • Benson PV Cabinets

Suspended Warm Air Heating Systems

Suspended heating units offer convenient installation and placement since they can be positioned inside a building, suspended from a warehouse or factory roof, as an example. In addition, they can be run by either natural gas or oil.
The units can also be installed on an inside roof. Another advantage of suspended heating units is that the use of a horizontal flue will eliminate the need for roof penetration. This also allows for the maximum use of the production floor space. Highly effective units can now be  purchased in modern, compact designs than can easily be maintained. All of these benefits amount to efficiency and cost-effectiveness for businesses. We have a large range of brands to suit your budget :-
  • Reznor V3 UDSA heater
  • Reznor V3 UDSB heater
  • Reznor Euro T-2000
  • Reznor UCA
  • Benson Variante² Gas Unit Heaters
  • Reznor DFMA
  • Benson Oil Fired Unit Heaters

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